25 May - 2012 

 11 puppies born

All puppies are sold


Made to Measure Ife Ingrid, aka Mimie, is includes in DKK – breed registrer. She is approved for beeding by Dansk Kennel Klub ( DKK: Danish Kennel Club) and have been mated with a similar approved male, namely Strandkungens Big Boss, aka Love.


Made to Measure Ife Ingrid / Mimmie


HD: B/B & ED: 1/0

Weight 25 Kg

Height 54 Cm

Mental described in Dansk Kennel klub

Lives with 2 other White Swiss Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse), rural surroundings, close to forestand beach.

Mimmie has allready proven her high quality in Dog shows and have several great results. Among other things, she was awarded “winner in race” in the special club KHKG 2011. (Most winning dog  in 2011, in race.)

Mimmies pigment in her eyes are not as dark as it should be, but her litter siblings have dark eyes and snouts and we expect that the good pigment from Love will be passed on to her pups.

Mimmie always puts a smile on our faces with her wagging tale and big smile, and she meets the world and it her with sweetness, openness and a surplus of joy.

Strandkungens Big Boss/ Love

S 38591/2007  

HD: A/A & ED: 0/0

Weight 40 Kg

Height 66 Cm.

Mental described in Svensk Kennel Klub (Swedish Kennel Club)

Lives in the center of Kalmar, on Øland, in Sweden, together with his family and another male of the same breed.

Loves temper is calm, he is well-balanced and a very friendly and playful male,

He trains obedience and agility.  Love has not been participating in dog shows that often, but when he has, it has always been with a good result.

He has fathered a litter in Norway, which has done well in shows. He is expecting another litter in Finland, but has not otherwise been used for breeding in Denmark or the rest of Scandinavia.

Read more about Love on his Swedish homepage:



We are expecting a litter of healthy and true to breed pups and all of them will be long coated.

All pups will have a certificate from DKK/FCI, which will go back 3 generations.

The pubs will be born in our kitchen, in peace and quiet surroundings, apart from the other dogs. Later when they begin to be mobile (2-3 weeks old), they will graduately be moved to our large patio, where they will be able to stay and have direct access to the garden and be together with our other dogs.

The pups will be introduced to dry food, bones, outdoor life, the car, necklace and line, small commands, other dogs of different breeds and adults and children.

The pups will grow up together both with their mother and the human family. They will be handled every day and get used to touch and all everyday sounds.

Everyday a CD will be played with sounds of fireworks and gunshot.

The pubs will be sold to active persons, who have space and time to deal with a large and active dog, and are well informed about the breed. The pubs will be sold as family dogs, but will also do good in dog training, shows and breeding.

The White Swiss Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse) is an incredible loving, happy breed and enjoys being trained in different ways, but has the need for daily training, togetherness, stimulation and exercise.

The White Swiss Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse) is a flock-oriented breed and thrives in close contact with both adult and children and other dogs.

The Pups will be sold with the following:

  • Dewormed, as recommended by the vet
  • Chipped
  • Registered in the Danish dog register
  • DKK – breed register (approved for FCI)
  • The 1´st vaccination
  • Health check with included Health book
  • Puppy package with pictures from birth to takeover, puppy food and some equipment
  • Purchase contract
  • Eternal hotline to Kennel Britaje regarding questions, etc.


We are members of DKK  (Danish Kennel Club) and have of course fulfilled the Breeder and Dog Owner education.

The puppies are free to travel to their new homes at the age of min. 8 weeks old, that means they are available at the end of July 2012. If you have holiday plans at that time, that don’t include the dog, we can accommodate a longer stay with us. 

The pups can be visited from the age of 3 weeks old.

At the age of 7 weeks old, the puppies will be mental described by a professional puppy describer form DKK.

NOTE !! We will in conjunction with the mental description, make sure you get the right pub/dog for your needs. That means that before the pups are 7 weeks old, it is not possible for you to choose a specific pub.

We hope and wish that you, when you get home with the dog, will keep in close contact with us, in order for us to keep up with the dog and its mental and physical development.

We recommend that all interested, read and learn about the breed, before contacting us

If you have any questions, you are most welcome to contact us, and we welcome any interested to visit us.

We live at Stevns, app. 60 km. from Copenhagen. 

We will be helpful with possible transport of puppies, both domestic and for export/deliverance to airport and ferries.

At the current moment we have reserved 5 pups. 


Also see links:

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Are you interested ? 


You are always welcome to contact me, if you have any questions or have the desire to know more about our dogs.


Horsebo Vi2 is also available for mating suitable bitches/females.