My name is Inge-Britt Tandskov


We live on a small and cosy country property in Stevns, approximately 60 km from Copenhagen, where there is a big garden with plenty of space for the dogs to play and the training is hereby made easier.


The breed White Swiss Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse), read their profile under LINKS.




Why have I chosen dogs with a pedigree? Primarily it was not decisive in my choice of breed. Over the years, I have had several dogs of mixed breeds, with a wonderful temper and who have done a fantastic and splendid job on the training ground.

But the other hand, I must admit, that there can be limitations in the choice of tests and training grounds. At the same time I felt that it could be exciting to combine the working dog-training with the exhibition ring.


When I bought both dogs I was aware of the fact that they would be mentally tested, in order to find the best dog for the specific family.  This meant that is was not possible to choose a pub in advance, but that the pub after tests around 7 weeks of age, would be chosen for the family, based on the role the dog were expected to fill in the future.


My website is in Danish, sorry.




dec 2007