9 Lovely Puppies are born d March 22, 2014 

4 Males 


5 Females ❤

Made to Measure Ife Ingrid,

aka Mimie, is includes in DKK – breed registrer.

She is approved for beeding by Dansk Kennel Klub ( DKK: Danish Kennel Club) and have been mated with a similar approved male, namely Horsebo Muffin

Made to Measure Ife Ingrid / Mimmie


HD: B/B & ED: 1/0

Weight 25 Kg

Height 54 Cm

Mental described in Danish Kennel Club

Lives with 2 other White Swiss Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse), rural surroundings, close to forest and beach.

Mimmie has allready proven her high quality in Dog shows and have several great results. Among other things, she was awarded “winner in race” in the special club KHKG 2011. (Most winning dog in 2011, in race.)

Mimmies pigment in her eyes are not as dark as it should be, but her litter siblings have dark eyes and snouts and we expect that the good pigment from Muffin will be passed on to her pups.

Mimmie always puts a smile on our faces with her wagging tale and big smile, and she meets the world and it her with sweetness, openness and a surplus of joy.


Horsebo Muffin


HD: A/A & ED: 0/0 

Weight 35 Kilo 

Height 65 Cm 

Mental described in Danish Kennel Club

more description about Muffin comes 🙂